Essential oils are full of benefits and can be used as a number of purposes. However, the techniques of application could be confusing to numerous people. So, to create the application of acrylic more and better convenient, we have compiled some straightforward methods to help make your acrylic application very simple.

1.Acrylic roller bottles

Roller bottles make the use of essential oils seamless. The bottles are ideal for applying essential oils straight to your skin without transferring extra oil. Using acrylic roller bottles, you are able to directly apply your oil to the part of the body.

doTERRA has lots of items that are available in acrylic roller bottles to create oil application simpler and much more convenient. For instance, doTERRA produced the doTERRA Touch® package, including probably the most popular doTERRA essential oils in roller bottles which come pre-diluted with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Additionally towards the doTERRA Touch package, doTERRA also provides the doTERRA Emotional Aroma therapy Touch Package including all the proprietary blends in the doTERRA Emotional Aroma therapy System inside a base of Fractionated Coconut oil and convenient 10mL roller bottles for simple application.

Acrylic roller bottles also allow it to be simpler to keep your oils. You will find reduced likelihood of spills and waste when using roller bottles. Your preferred oils may also be on the go along with you whatsoever occasions, thinking about that you could easily ensure that it stays inside your purse, backpack, or vehicle without creating a mess.

1.Veggie capsules

An easy method to consume your essential oils is to apply capsules. Veggie Caps are empty capsule packs to help you easily manage your essential oils intake, and they’re vegetarian. For internal utilization of approved essential oils, you should use the Veggie Caps to consider them orally. By doing this, it’s not necessary to be worried about the oil’s taste or even the quantity ingested.

1.Increase water or beverages

Another straightforward method to consume doTERRA essential oils internally would be to then add drops for your beverages or perhaps a glass water. This gives it more flavor which help you like the advantages of the oils you put into your drink.

You can include a number of essential oils for your fluids for a range of reasons. As lengthy because the oil qualifies for internal use, a couple of drops can help you feel the fantastic together with your acrylic.

You may also add these to bathwater for relaxation or calming purposes. Some essential oils contain specific qualities which make them unique to calming your body. If that’s the situation, you can a couple of drops of appropriate oils and soak out of all benefits they need to offer.

1.Increase carrier oil or lotion

Besides using acrylic roller bottles, another easy method of putting it on is as simple as adding a couple of drops of the favorite acrylic to some cream, carrier oil, or moisturizer. To incorporate essential oils inside your skincare routine, then add oil drops for your daily moisturizer or lotion. However, to improve your essential oils’ absorption onto the skin, you are able to dilute the acrylic having a carrier oil. With respect to the kind of acrylic, several oils may serve as carrier oils that will help you take full advantage of your essential oils.

1.Bottle of spray

Another seamless method to apply acrylic would be to put it inside a bottle of spray. Spray bottles will be your go-to choice for dispensing acrylic easily while staying away from waste. Whether to be used aromatically or topically, spray bottles can help you disperse your oils rapidly.

So, to renew your home or furniture, you can test adding a couple of drops of acrylic to some bottle of spray with water and generously mist the mixture around your living space. Also, you are able to spray your pillows and beddings together with your favorite acrylic that will help you relax for any calming effect.

For individuals who’ll like to create an acrylic perfume, you may make a mix of complementary essential oils inside a bottle of spray and apply these to appropriate parts of the body to wear some perfume during the day.


Essential oils have unique qualities which make them advantageous for everyday living, and just proper application will help you enjoy the advantages of the oils.

This information has discussed five methods for you to adequately apply essential oils to reap the help they’ve and also to make certain you avoid waste along the way. It’s, however, important to know your essential oils correctly before use whether for aromatic or topical uses , it is essential to know how they are utilized before beginning the applying.

By Atticus

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.