The planet after coronavirus will change not just in regards to the cost-effective, social and political aspects but additionally in regards to our thought process. Many question the globalization theory because the world socialized less a little village but because isolated countries looking for their very own relief. We faced an unpredicted disaster that forced us some thing suddenly: who expected that vast amounts of people would remain at their houses for a lot of days? This unpredicted disaster can result in the look of unusual and unpredicted ideas and theories in most fields of existence.

In regards to the amount of the sufferers of coronavirus which exceeds a million, it’s a ” new world ” war between coronavirus and humanity. When we put in consideration the conspiracy theories, that is certainly a ” new world ” war. I personally don’t support these theories but conspiracy theories usually have supports and believers. However I can tell that it’s already a ” new world ” war between coronavirus and humanity. Regrettably, the planet wars brought to limitless progress in science and industry however it appears that coronavirus is hindering us. Whenever you face a regular enemy, you realize list of positive actions but coronavirus is regrettably a ghost enemy that wiped out the folks that you simply love and also you can’t do anything whatsoever. In the end these several weeks with no vaccine or perhaps a treatment, lots of people be depressed and that’s the worst enemy of humanity which makes your time vanishes and kills your dreams.

What’s the ‘impossible’? Simply, the impossible may be the factor that may never happen. Coronavirus -with vast amounts of people remaining in your own home for a lot of days- shook our concepts from the possible and also the impossible. We believed that we’re residing in a period of genius medical progress however the failure of doctors to locate a vaccine or perhaps a strategy to coronavirus again shook our concepts from the possible and also the impossible. Consequently, consciously or subconsciously we’ll re-think about our concepts from the possible and also the impossible. This rethinking could be destructive or creative. When we think negatively, we are scared of stuff that we didn’t use to become scared of. When we stay positive, we’ll break our barriers from the possible and also the impossible so we is capable of stuff that we thought they’re impossible.

Coronavirus has augmented what exactly of weakness from the health, social and economic systems. I deliberately used the term ‘augmented’ rather from the word ‘shown’ because to some extent, the, social and economic systems should not be very blamed since the catastrophe was unpredicted and large. This augmentation hinders the recovery from the economic , health insurance and social systems. Critical thinking is important to beat this augmentation and it is effects. We want creative solutions but however , we’re under massive stress which makes us begin to see the black and white-colored colors only failing to remember the very fact there are lots of levels together.

Uncertainty is a very common feeling around the globe. Can we begin to see the finish of coronavirus or does it defeat humanity? We fear so much dying.

Short Bio: Wael El-Manzalawy is definitely an Egyptian author who writes in British. He’s printed 24 e-books. His books happen to be converted into greater than 15 languages.

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