It’s no longer news that the teeth are a crucial part of the body that completes your face’s best looks and performs critical functions to make sure you stay alive and healthy. Regrettably, though, the teeth could possibly get broken in a reason for your existence. This can be caused by age, health problems, or any other factors. At these times, you will get dentures and connect them instead of the broken teeth. However, sometimes, despite fixing dentures, another tooth may still get broken, prompting the requirement for adding extra teeth towards the denture.

Indeed, it may be quite frustrating whenever you return your very best smiles with dentures, simply to experience another cavities or damage. This can need you to add another tooth for your partial denture. Possibly, you’ve been wondering if you’ll be able to add extra teeth for your partial denture. This information will answer that question and educate you several things you should know about records.

Can Extra Teeth be included to Your Partial Dentures?

Through the years, lots of people have searched for to understand if you’ll be able to add extra teeth for their partial dentures. Well, the fact is that there’s no straightforward good or bad response to this. It is because there are lots of intricacies involved, as well as other factors lead to figuring out if you’re able to add extra teeth for your dentures or otherwise.

Sometimes, adding extra teeth for your venture only requires an easy process that may be transported in the lab. Other occasions, it could just be better and cheaper to choose new dentures altogether. To find out your dentures’ smartest choice, it’s best advised that you simply talk to your dental prosthetist.

Exactly what does the procedure for Adding Extra Teeth for your Partial Dentures Entail?

The entire process of adding extra teeth for your partial denture starts with a trip to your dental prosthetist for consultations. The practicality of adding extra teeth for your dentures will be determined in this visit. For figuring out the practicality, three factors are crucial. They include the health of your remaining teeth, the fabric your partial denture consists of, and also the position in which the tooth will be fixed.

Partial Denture Material

Various materials can be used as making partial records, based on the teeth structure and needs. Two of the most popular materials today are Cast Metal and Acrylic.

The Cast Metal material is proven to be more rigid and sturdy. Additionally, it provides greater versatility and strength. On its part, Acrylic partial dentures are mainly utilized as temporary replacements for broken teeth.

Denture Tooth Position

The partial denture position is yet another essential step to consider when choosing to give a new tooth. You have to confirm out of your dental professional if you’ll be able to give a new tooth to that particular exact place with little trouble or maybe it is advisable to choose new dentures altogether. The dental professional will think about the denture’s frame, the chance for discomfort, etc., before giving a tight schedule-ahead.

Condition of the Remaining Teeth

It’s also essential to think about your remaining teeth’ condition before choosing to add an additional tooth for your partial denture. Confirm in case your teeth are sufficiently strong to hold the brand new tooth or otherwise. Also, make sure your remaining teeth are healthy and can keep going for a lengthy time.


Various factors lead to the potential of adding extra teeth for your partial denture. This information has discussed a number of them , alongside other important things you must know about partial dentures.

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