Dogs are known to be man’s best friends as they are dear to us, they share a bond with us and almost have feelings. A dog has always been a loyal friend to man, protective and loving. Some even believe that dogs can read someone’s mood, they can smell cancer, and know when a bad omen is about to happen. But for those that have dogs as a pet you need to pay proper attention to them check their hygiene, feed them and give a proper check on their health. You can give your loved one like your mom, or your spouse a dog but what do you do then. Look no further why not just offer CBD gifts for mom or your spouse. When they get sick or you suspect any changes you should consult your vet. They can develop bone and joint conditions, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and vestibule disease in dogs. But various treatment regimens have come up in managing vestibule disease like the use of CBD oil. This condition comes with great pain. The vestibular system is responsible for controlling balance, which is why dogs with this disease will experience dizziness and have difficulty walking in a straight line. Vestibular Disease is a condition that affects the dog’s brain stem, specifically the vestibular nuclei and cerebellum, this results from the inability of the dog to maintain balance and jerk up. Vestibular disease is often referred to as ‘old dog vestibular syndrome’. It is a sudden and non-progressive disturbance of balance. Whenever you see any sign listed below do not hesitate to visit your vet. If your dog suffers from nausea and vomiting due to vestibular disease, your vet may prescribe an anti-nausea medication but a dose of CBD oil could be helpful and how much CBD oil for anxiety will be.  If your dog is having difficulties drinking water your vet may provide IV fluids to hydrate your dog. Administering CBD oil might not be the treatment for the vestibular disease in dogs but it will help in managing symptoms associated with vestibular disease.

Causes Of Vestibular Disease In Dogs

  • Ear infection caused by a perforated eardrum
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Physical trauma
  • Tumors or possibly as a side effect of antibiotics
  • But a rare case occurs When no specific cause is found, the condition is called idiopathic vestibular disease
  • Some dog breeds are known to be more prone to developing a vestibular disease like German shepherds and Doberman pinschers
  • This condition is more dominant in older dogs

Symptoms Of Vestibular Disease In Dogs

  • Loss of balance / falling over
  • Rapid eye movement while awake
  • Choosing to sleep on hard surfaces
  • There is a Pronounced Head Tilt
  • Staggering or Stumbling
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Lack of coordination
  • If they are stood up they will be leaning in the direction of this head tilt
  • Continuous circling in one direction
  • Standing with legs spread wide
  • Unwillingness to eat or drink
  • Vestibular disease may cause your dog mild discomfort or motion sickness
  • Your dog will lie down and will experience difficulty in getting up and almost seems drunk, this can also be a symptom of vestibular disease
  • Irregular eye movement called nystagmus, which is unnatural eye movement can also be related to more severe medical conditions that need urgent treatment

Effects Of CBD On Dogs With Vestibular Disease

  • It has been recognized by some veterinarians that vestibular disease increases in likelihood in larger epileptic pets due to the increased stress placed on normal neurological functions so CBD can help arrest this condition
  • Vestibular disease can also make your pet vomit, studies conducted into the human population show that CBD oil for vestibular disease in dogs can vastly reduce and even nullify nausea whilst increasing appetite
  • CBD product can help them as an additional supplement to ease stress, and reduce inflammation
  • CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors it produces amazing results, such as reduction of anxiety, pain relief, and reduction of nausea

By Atticus

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